Answers to your Questions

What is the  mark_gray40.fw

The mark_gray22.fw is a Private Trademark Registration.  It’s an affordable opportunity to show the world you’ve officially registered your Brand, Domain(s) and Social Media interests.

Are you Affiliated to USPTO.Gov ?

No.  mark_gray22.fw is not affiliated to USPTO or any of the Trademarks, Registered or Service marks they offer.

How does the  mark_gray40.fw  protect my business brand? 

Let’s be honest, registering a Trademark or Registered mark via the USPTO is expensive and a process that is time consuming.

With  mark_gray22.fw , you’re independently recording to the world (very quickly, which is essential to any dispute) that you’ve got a business brand and domain and / or social presence that you want to protect.   Whether you pay dollars for a mark or thousands for a USPTO mark, the key to winning this argument is simple.  The DATE of RECORDING.

This is where  mark_gray22.fw  comes in and offers an affordable, recorded and documented solution to your concerns.

If another business or individual tries to copy or replicate your brand or business domains and interests, you’ve got the mark_gray22.fw to show in any litigation, brand and / or domain name dispute. Our recorded registration will prove the date you registered your mark_gray22.fw and if that mark precedes any other formal registration, then it cannot be successfully disputed that you are the legitimate owner of the brand.

How do I display the  mark_gray40.fw

The mark_gray22.fw Certificate of Registration and all other documents and mark_gray22.fw logos, etcetera, are provided after purchase.

My Brand conflicts with a Registered Trademark at USPTO

If there is a current Brand protected by USPTO and that Brand has a registered tradmark or service mark, which is recorded prior to you registering your mark_gray22.fw, then you probably will be on the losing side of any litigation. If however, that “brand’ or domain has not been registered at USPTO, then you have a strong argument to protect your brand.  In either case, you should always consult with a trademark and / or IP lawyer.

Do you offer legal Trademark advice ?

No. We are not lawyers, paralegals or authorized to give legal advice.

Do you offer legal Intellectual Property (IP) advice ?

No. We are not lawyers, paralegals or authorized to give legal advice.

How do I place an Order?

Simple, just fill in the Registration form and you’ll receive your new account login information.

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

All changes can be made within your account when logged in.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact us.

How Do I Track My Order?

Easily via your account.  You’ll also  receive regular emails from our sales and support team.

Do you offer Brand and Website Design Services ?

Yes, Browserweb Inc, a Media Company offers brand and website design services.  You can visit the corporate website here to learn more.

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